Etcetera is a script for Messenger Plus! Live.


  • Random Display Picture: Allows to randomly change your display picture.
  • Count: Provides a countdown to an event.
  • Detector: Detects foreground application and display a customised personal message.
  • Spell Checker: Provides a spelling checker using Microsoft Word.


  • Windows Live Messenger 8.0
  • Messenger Plus! Live 4.0



  • Run file "etcetera.plsc".


  • Run file "etcetera.plsc". All settings will be preserved.


  • Go to Messenger Plus! Live Preferences.
  • Scripts perferences.
  • Remove "Etcetera".


  • Open Windows Live Messenger.
  • Underneath the "Personal Message", there is a panel of icons.
  • Locate the Messenger Plus! Live icon and click it.
  • Go to "Etcetera >".


  • Open Windows Live Messenger.
  • Open a conversation window with any of your contacts.
  • Type "/etc" without the quotes, to open the preferences for Etcetera.
  • Type "/etc_Count" without the quotes, to open the preferences for the counter.
  • Type "/etc_Detector" without the quotes, to open the preferences for the detector.

Please also ensure that in the Windows Live Messenger options under "Personal" tab, the following is checked:

"Show song information from Windows Media Player as a personal message"

Random DP:

Random Display Picture allows you to randomly change your display picture to any picture in a directory that you specify.

  • Check "Enable" option.
  • Select the directory where the pictures are located.
  • Select a method to display the picture:
    • "In Sequence" will loop through the pictures alphabetically.
    • "Randomly" will loop through the pictures in no particular order.
  • Click on "Save".


The count is a way to display a countdown in your display name. It's a count down to any events that you want to track.

  • Check "Enable" option.
  • Select the day of event.
  • Choose where you want the message to be displayed.
  • Enter the message you want.
  • The keyword "%d" without the quotes will specify where the counter will be in your nickname


    Display in: "Display Name"
    Message: "Nickname %d days to ORD."

    will display in your display name -> "Nickname XXX days to ORD." where XXX is the number of days left.

  • Click on "Save".


You can set the message you want before/during/after the event. For the during message to be displayed, please set the duration of the event.

Remove counter when it is zero:

If this setting is enabled, any counter that is a "0" will not be displayed.

Units for Time:

This is an optional setting. This allows you to specify what units you want for the minutes, hours and days.

This setting is used when you want the word to change to the singular form when the counter reaches "1" or "0" and use the plural form when the counter is any other number. The word will be suffix at the relevant counter.

List of variables:

This variables can be use in conjunction with the message.

  • %d -> Will display the amount of days.
  • %h -> Will display the amount of hours.
  • %n -> Will display the amount of minutes.


Detector will detect any program running in the foreground that you specify.

  • Ensure that the "Enable" is checked.
  • Click on Add.
  • Enter the executable's (exe) file name.
  • Enter the personal message you want.
  • Click on "Add".

Take for example, to detect Windows Media Player enter the following information without the quotes.

File Name: "wmplayer.exe"
Personal Message: "Watching show!"

Now whenever you start watching a show, the following message will be displayed in your personal message, "Watching show!".

Auto Reply:

Auto reply is similar to Messenger Plus! Live personalise's message. If a message is set, it will be sent upon receiving a chat conversation. If no message is set, nothing will happen.

Notify - Flash keyboard LED:

This will flash the scroll lock LED until you check your message or when you press the "Pause/Break" key.

You can set the amount of times to flash the scroll lock LED.

List of variables:

This variables can be use in conjunction with the message.

  • %s -> Will display the title of the program in the foreground.

Spell Checker:

Provides a spell checker for the chat window. Microsoft Word is needed for spell checker to function.

  • Open a conversation with anyone.
  • Press "F7" to start the spell checker.

Known Issues

  1. A potential problem exists for Detector's Auto Reply function. If the chat conversation contains two or more users with the exact same name, Auto Reply will not function. Chances of having two users with the same name is slim but it may occur.


    There is no easy way to detect this due to the limitation of Messenger Plus!'s given APIs. Therefore this issue may not be fixed in the foreseeable future.

Change Log

Version 1.3.0 ( 2006 November 11, 12:23 )

  • Added: Issue #2: Detector: The ability to auto-reply to your contacts.
  • Added: Issue #5: Count: The ability to display counter in minutes ( %n ).
  • Added: Issue #6: Count: Singular and plural units for the counter.
  • Fixed: Issue #7: RandomDP: Issue where "Browse for Folder" button does not update the directory textbox.
  • Changed: Tidy up the way the prompt is presented for Spell Checker.

Version 1.2.1 ( 2006 November 05, 08:34 )

  • Added: Issue #1: Spell checker will prompt when it is done checking for spelling mistakes.
  • Fixed: Issue #4: Issue where if the computer does not have MSXML 4.0, settings will not be saved.
  • Changed: Etcetera is now licensed under the revised BSD license. Refer to "Notes" section.

Version 1.2.0 ( 2006 October 14, 19:28 )

  • Added: Notify now allows to bring message to the foreground.
  • Added: Notify now allows to flash "Caps Lock" and "Num Lock" LED.
  • Added: Double-clicking an item in Detector option will open up the edit window.
  • Fixed: After closing two open instances of spell checker window. The next time spell checker is activated, the window will flash before disappearing.
  • Fixed: Bug in Detector option where editing an item that uses the "Office" icon, the edit window will select the "Games" icon.
  • Changed: Only one instance of the spell checker window is allowed per chat window.
  • Changed: Return the ability to edit the script's timer as a hidden control in "windows\general.xml".

Version 1.1.1 ( 2006 September 16, 13:42 )

  • Fixed: Possible errors in loading configuration file when logging into Messenger.
  • Fixed: Bug where Random Display Picture does not change display picture if the interval is more than 24 hours.

Version 1.1.0 ( 2006 September 16, 02:15 )

  • Added: The ability to randomly change your display picture.
  • Added: The ability to flash the scroll lock LED when you receive a message for Detector.
  • Added: The ability to correct spelling when double-clicking the suggested word.
  • Added: The ability to use the variables in the after event message for Count.
  • Added: An event duration for Count.
  • Fixed: Preferences window will be properly brought to the foreground when it is already open.
  • Fixed: Spell checker can now be properly disabled.
  • Fixed: Possible bug where some timers may continue to run even after logging out of Messenger.
  • Fixed: Possible bug where media message may be sent to the wrong Messenger when there are 2 or more Messenger open.
  • Change: Remove the ability to change the timer interval in "General" preferences.

Version 1.0.0 ( 2006 August 31, 23:09 )

  • Release.



  • Gareth



Script settings are stored inside the script folder under the folder name "settings".


This software is licensed under the revised BSD license as described in the file "license.txt". You should have received it as part of this distribution.