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This site basically contains programs/plugins/scripts that I have created. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

All software found here:
  • Will not contain any spyware, adware, or any form of malware.
  • Will not "phone" home to send any information.

Etcetera Bug Tracker

Finally manage to upload a bug tracker software for Etcetera.

If you have any bugs you want to report, please do use the bug tracker or you can contact me.

Etcetera 1.2.0 Release


Change log:

  • Added: Notify now allows to bring message to the foreground.
  • Added: Notify now allows to flash "Caps Lock" and "Num Lock" LED.
  • Added: Double-clicking an item in Detector option will open up the edit window.
  • Fixed: After closing two open instances of spell checker window. The next time spell checker is activated, the window will flash before disappearing.
  • Fixed: Bug in Detector option where editing an item that uses the "Office" icon, the edit window will select the "Games" icon.
  • Changed: Only one instance of the spell checker window is allowed per chat window.
  • Changed: Return the ability to edit the script's timer as a hidden control in "windows\general.xml".

Upgrade in Progress (Updated)

Upgrade is completed as of 2006 May 09, 1750hrs.

Certain portion of the website may not be accessible as this website is being updated. Expected completion time will be 2006 May 09, 1800hrs.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Up and Running.

This site is now officially up and running with the help of Drupal.

So this site basically just houses just about any damn thing I want. Yay!

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