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Batch Rename v3.0.0.0

Change log:

  • Fixed: Issue where expanding the same directory node multiple times in the directory explorer, results in the same directories appending to the node.
  • Fixed: Issue where the numericupdown controls have a maximum value of 100. The limit is now 65536.
  • Changed: Project is now compiled using Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.
  • Changed: Major changes to the GUI.
  • Changed: Refactoring of project code.
  • Changed: Renaming of files is now rule based, instead of the static way of renaming files.
  • Changed: All files are now unchecked by default.
  • Changed: Uses user's "Folder Options" settings to view hidden or system files.
  • Changed: Sort is now natural sort instead of alphabet sort. Similar to how Windows Explorer sorts.
  • Changed: The "Up Folder" button now looks like a standard button.
  • Remove: File label edit. Not useful.
  • Remove: The application settings. Had pointless options.
  • Remove: The menu bar. Having toolbars makes the program's options clearer.
  • Remove: Move up and down button for moving file index is removed as there is a drag drop feature.
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