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WebParazzo v1.0.0.0

Needed a program to take a full page screenshot of a web page. Decided to to whip up a quick program to do so.

WebParazzo will take a full page screenshot of a specified web page. It is able to use a different layout engine to do so. This helps in checking if the web page looks the same across different browser.

The file is a little bit big because gecko layout engine is bundled inside.


  • Takes full page screenshot or user specified dimensions.
  • Able to use different layout engines to render web pages. Useful for checking if page layout is similar across different browsers.
    • Trident (Internet Explorer); uses system installed version.
    • Gecko v1.9 (Firefox 3).

Planned Features:

  • Support command line for batch scripting.
  • Recurse through links on the web page and take screenshot of the linked page.
  • More layout engine support, maybe WebKit?


Download WebParazzo
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