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Code Saver

Code Saver is a screen saver for programmers. When the screen saver is running, it "types" out any source code (text files) on the screen.

Code Saver is a modification of An App A Day - Code Saver.

Code Saver is licensed under GNU General Public Licence (GPL) Version 2.

Modification Made

  • "Integrated" the dll into the executable.
  • Will recurse into the directories to find the files.
  • The text is displayed in a typing-like manner.
  • Multiple monitors will not show the same code at the same time. Better randomising.
  • Fix bug where if no files are found, program will crash.
  • Added configuration.
    • Able to choose the typing delay.
    • Able to choose folder path and what files to find.
    • Able to choose the font and background colour.




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