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Have a wireless Xbox controller for your PC and want to use it as a remote controller? Or do you have a game that you want to use your Xbox controller but the game does not support it?

This program will help you in your quest. What this program basically does is to take your Xbox controller inputs and map it to a keyboard key or mouse button.

Take example say, Beyond Good & Evil for the PC. It was a console game ported to the PC, and yet it does not support any gamepad. This program will map the Xbox controller buttons to the corresponding game keyboard keys, thus allowing you to use your Xbox controller in the game.

Or let’s say you use your computer as your media centre. Just map the Xbox controller buttons to your media centre program shortcut keys. Then just sit back in your couch and use your Xbox controller as a remote.



  • Currently does not run on 64-bit (x64) systems.
  • Supports one Xbox 360 controller only.
  • Mouse movement can only be mapped to the two thumb sticks.





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