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Etcetera v1.3.0


Change log:

  • Added: Issue #2: Detector: The ability to auto-reply to your contacts.
  • Added: Issue #5: Count: The ability to display counter in minutes ( %n ).
  • Added: Issue #6: Count: Singular and plural units for the counter.
  • Fixed: Issue #7: RandomDP: Issue where "Browse for Folder" button does not update the directory textbox.
  • Changed: Tidy up the way the prompt is presented for Spell Checker.

Etcetera 1.2.1

A quick bug fix that only affects new installation of Etcetera. This bug does not affect current installation of Etcetera that is working.


Change log:

  • Added: #1: Spell checker will prompt when it is done checking for spelling mistakes.
  • Fixed: #4: Issue where if the computer does not have MSXML 4.0, settings will not be saved.
  • Changed: Etcetera is now licensed under the revised BSD license. Refer to "Notes" section.

Etcetera Bug Tracker

Finally manage to upload a bug tracker software for Etcetera.

If you have any bugs you want to report, please do use the bug tracker or you can contact me.

Etcetera 1.2.0 Release


Change log:

  • Added: Notify now allows to bring message to the foreground.
  • Added: Notify now allows to flash "Caps Lock" and "Num Lock" LED.
  • Added: Double-clicking an item in Detector option will open up the edit window.
  • Fixed: After closing two open instances of spell checker window. The next time spell checker is activated, the window will flash before disappearing.
  • Fixed: Bug in Detector option where editing an item that uses the "Office" icon, the edit window will select the "Games" icon.
  • Changed: Only one instance of the spell checker window is allowed per chat window.
  • Changed: Return the ability to edit the script's timer as a hidden control in "windows\general.xml".


Etcetera is a script for Messenger Plus! Live.

This script is an updated version to Count Detector plugin.


  • Provides a way to display a count down in your display name. Allowing you to "tell" people the amount of days left to any holidays, or any major event that is coming up.
  • Provides a way to detect application that is running in the foreground, and display a customisable message in your Personal Message. This allows you, for instance, to "inform" your contacts that you are playing a game. Sort of a "Do Not Disturb" sign.
  • Provides a simple spell checker for the conversation window. Sadly Microsoft Word is needed for it to function.
  • Provides a way to change your display picture after a set amount of time.





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