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Code Saver

Code Saver

Code Saver is a screen saver that display your source code on your monitor.

The screen saver is from a blog which is about a guy making an application a day for 30 days. Take a look at some of the interesting applications he made.

I made a modification of his Code Saver, added a few bug fixes and some configuration. Please note that I'm currently asking for permission to display the modification here. So the download may be taken down at any time.

The original program is licensed under GPL v2.

Code Saver

Code Saver is a screen saver for programmers. When the screen saver is running, it "types" out any source code (text files) on the screen.

Code Saver is a modification of An App A Day - Code Saver.

Code Saver is licensed under GNU General Public Licence (GPL) Version 2.

Modification Made

  • "Integrated" the dll into the executable.
  • Will recurse into the directories to find the files.
  • The text is displayed in a typing-like manner.
  • Multiple monitors will not show the same code at the same time. Better randomising.
  • Fix bug where if no files are found, program will crash.
  • Added configuration.
    • Able to choose the typing delay.
    • Able to choose folder path and what files to find.
    • Able to choose the font and background colour.




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